Printout of labels - universal CITIZEN printer
Universal CITIZEN printers are being dedicated for the printing of labels for the System of Description Plates. Modern structure connected with the simple service and low costs of ownership constitute the best solution letting to the print of paper and plastic labels of different kind on self-adhesive or no gluematerials. The printing is held at the cooperation of the printer with the PC computer, behind the help very straight in the service of the editor of labels.

The versatility of CITIZEN CL-S 631 printers enable the printing of labels (of signs) eti-T and eti-O for putting in description plates and marker ties of the BARLEM company and for the printing cable eti-K labels to the description of earth cable.

Additionally a possibility of ordering ready labels with the imprint carried out on request exists. To this necessary purpose a message is a e-mail road of the meaning of descriptions for putting on appropriate labels.